Ashu Dutt - 22 Stock Market Trading Secrets

Ashu Dutt - 22 Stock Market Trading Secrets
22 Stock Market Trading Secrets
"You can make 50% to 100% every year with low risk. It's possible and it's true," says Ashu Dutt. "Trading is one of the most rewarding occupations. If you can master chart reading and self-control, you have an unbelievable edge over others in the market."In this conversational, easy-to-read book, Ashu reveals 22 stock market trading secrets to help you make big profits — secrets rooted in his decades of real-life market experience, secrets tested for their effectiveness, secrets that will give you that elusive trading edge:* How to identify and trade the head of the price move for maximum profits * Secrets of trading supports and resistance* Rules for profitable entries and exits* The never-nevers of successful trading – and the trading minefields to beware of* The different types of market rallies and market falls – and how to profit from them* How the right alignment of price, volume and time spells big profits* All about stop losses* How to profitably trade gaps — and when to stay out of the market* How to prepare your mind for trading success* The vital importance of money management and trading discipline.PLUS, much, much more...What makes this book so special is Ashu's ability to get under the hood and show you how and when to use all the money-making trading wisdom packed in this book, highlighting key points with numerous real-life market examples and trading anecdotes.Ashu Dutt is one of the most visible and respected faces in Indian financial markets. In this book he reveals the trading secrets and techniques that are typically the domain of big market players:* 22 Trading Secrets* Dozens of Trading Rules* Numerous Profit-Making Action and Caution Triggers