Реферат "Foreign investments in Russian economy"

Foreign investments in Russian economy
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Every country tries to attract foreign capital and obtain direct and indirect advantages from foreign investment. Nowadays foreign investments play one of the main roles in the direction of global development. That is why the subject of this paper is the international capital flows.

All developed countries are pursuing management of the foreign investments, for example restrictions for countries to access to strategic branches of public sector of economy, military-industrial establishment, and other important branches. First of all, restrictions are based on necessity to defense national producer and employment preservation. But also it is necessary to attract foreign investments in economically important directions.

Historical experience of the developed countries shows that foreign loans in adverse conditions can become the lever of political pressure and the reason of concessions in home market protection. Unlimited attraction of the foreign capital in the form of direct investments can have almost the same consequences for national economy.

In transitive economy, foreign capital can weaken some branches which earlier were perceived as quite healthy, when economy was in autarchy form. That’s why globalization process looks as sovereignty loss in the opinion of considerable part of Russians.

That’s why it is necessary to manage foreign investments especially in sphere of the state’s strategic interests and priorities. However first of all it is necessary to specify: what is "strategic sphere" and "strategic regions» and by what criteria they are defined. And do we have standard-legal basis for restrictive regulation of the investments in our country?