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Urbanization is one of the most controversial problems of modern society. Although it is an essential process of social and economical development of humans, it also the source of the problems that people never faced before.

Anyone familiar with the world development trends knows that nearly half of the world’s population lives in urban areas and the number are expected to grow by 2% every year. Because of greater engagements in non-farm activities and driven by financial or educational needs people shifts to cities, causing the rapid growth of urban areas. Cities play not only the role of employment, shelter and service but also play the role of center of culture, education and portal to the rest of the world.

Although, cities and their ecology have a thousand years of evolving history, the term “urbanization and ecology” surprisingly only appeared very recently. For example, term ”Urbanization” was born only in the middle of 19 century, when with the expansion of industry people started to move from rural to urban areas causing vast pressure on the capacity of cities. Air pollution, acid rain, and imbalance of ecology made the term “ecology of urbanization” more and more relevant in 20 century and made the public pay more attention to this issue. It is kind of scary to realize that this kind of important issue is only a little bit older than me.

Modern urbanization process has tons of problems, starting with insufficient housing and ending with global ecology impact. In this paper, I tried to cover a little piece of the ecology problems that urban areas are facing these days: air, water, waste and ecological footprint. The paper is designed to cover the basic ideas of ecological impact and how significant it can be if we don’t realize it soon.