Pdf "Edited by David A. Scott, Jerry Podany, and Brian B. Considine - Ancient & Historic Metals: Conservation and Scientific Research"

Ancient & Historic Metals: Conservation and Scientific Research
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Miguel Angel Corzo and John Walsh
David A. Scott, Jerry Podany, and Brian B. Considine
The Monument of Marcus Aurelius: Research and Conservation
Maurizio Marabelli
Restoration of the Monument of Marcus Aurelius: Facts and Comments
Paola Fiorentino
Bronze Objects from Lake Sites: From Patina to “Biography”
François Schweizer
The Royal Art of Benin: Surfaces, Past and Present
Janet L. Schrenk
Considerations in the Cleaning of Ancient Chinese Bronze Vessels
Jane Bassett and W. T. Chase
Tomography of Ancient Bronzes
Stephen D. Bonadies
Chinese Bronzes: Casting, Finishing, Patination, and Corrosion
W. T. Chase
The Corrosion of Bronze Monuments in Polluted Urban Sites: A Report on the Stability of Copper Mineral Species at Different pH Levels
Andrew Lins and Tracy Power
The Technology of Medieval Jewelry
Jack Ogden
Gold Foil, Strip, and Wire in the Iron Age of Southern Africa
Andrew Oddy
Conservation of Architectural Metalwork Historical Approaches to the Surface Treatment of Iron
Frank G. Matero
Techniques of Mercury Gilding in the Eighteenth Century
Martin Chapman
Production and Restoration of Nineteenth-century Zinc Sculpture in Denmark
Knud Holm
Real-time Survival Rates for Treatments of Archaeological Iron
Suzanne Keene
Conservation of Corroded Metals: A Study of Ships’ Fastenings from the Wreck of HMS Sirius (1790)
Ian Donald MacLeod
The Conservation of Outdoor Zinc Sculpture
Carol A. Grissom
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Edited by Janet Burnett Grossman, Jerry Podany, and Marion True