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A Life in Pictures
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The autobiography in words and pictures of the fascinating and acclaimed author of Lanark, a key figure in postmodern art Alasdair Gray is known throughout the world for his writing, but he is also a highly regarded artist who not only illustrates and designs his own books, but has created many beautiful and intriguing portraits, paintings, posters, and murals. Alasdair started painting and writing from an early age, and in his seventies he's still vigorously doing both. In this autopictography he gathers together the work that has mattered most to him over the years, and weaves the story of his life through and around these pictures in his own unmistakable style. A beautifully and copiously illustrated book, designed by himself, this is life as seen by one of the millennium's most entertaining and wry creative geniuses.
(Автобиография в словах и рисунках известного шотландского писателя и художника Элэсдэйра Грея. Работы Грея сочетают в себе элементы реализма, фэнтези и научной фантастики.)